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The Word of God

Paperback, 41 Pages 
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The Word of God features extracts from the King James Bible in the original spelling together with 17th Century Cornish translations by Wella Rowe alias Kereve, a farmer from Sancreed in West Cornwall. This edition has been produced by one of Wella's descendants Jonathan Kereve-Clarke, who also speaks Cornish, having studied the writings of his Ancestor and it is to Wella Rowe that this book is dedicated.

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A Collection of my Spiritual Poems written between 1997 and 2014, 
inspired by Cornwall & Coventry.

Cornish Heart, Coventry Home

The Three Spires

The three spires stand through wind and rain

Centuries old they have witnessed the pain

And destruction of war and civil war

Parliament and crown

And tearing the wall down

That dared stand up for rights of man

The old cathedral with no roof at all

Its spire standing still, straight and tall

A cross of nails on the altar

A symbol of peace and reconciliation

This is my city, this is my home.

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Let sleeping cats lie by Jonathan Kereve-Clarke (Coventry Artist)Kereve Art by Jonathan Kereve-Clarke (Coventry Artist)
Flight by Jonathan Kereve-Clarke (Coventry Artist)


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