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Thursday, April 17, 2014 

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  heart shaped moon by Jonathan Kereve-Clarke (Coventry Artist)          Let sleeping cats lie by Jonathan Kereve-Clarke (Coventry Artist) 
View of Old Cathedral, Coventry by Jonathan Kereve-Clarke (Coventry Artist)Old Coventry - St Michael's Cathedral by Jonathan Kereve-Clarke (Coventry Artist)Godiva by Jonathan Kereve-Clarke (Coventry Artist)

Watching the Sunrise    

Watching the Sunrise

My poetry collection from 2006, featuring my personal selection of
poems from three previous books 'Sunrise over Sacred Spaces', 
'The Light Through The Window' and 'To Find the Magic Land'
has now been republished with a brand new cover
and a lower price.

It was £7.19 and is now £4.49.

It contains over 90 poems on themes of life, love and spirituality
and is beautifully illustrated throughout.

Also available as an e-book  for only 99p!            


Oh Dad, My Father!
Oh Dad, My Father!

Oh Dad, My Father!
Oh Dad, My Father!
Oh Dad, My Father!
Oh Dad, My Father!
Oh Dad, My Father!    
Oh Dad, My Father!

Poetic musings on family life,
particular involving  a three year old                  
cheeky boy

The ebook edition is only 99p
 and the paperback is currently
 on special offer (20%off)
 only £3.19!

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TV or not TV?

Son, what would like to watch?
Ok, not Waybuloo?
Peter Rabbit?
Wind in the Willows, you like that don’t you?
Shall, we put that on?
I think you need a break from Thomas,
Let’s watch Fireman Sam.
Tears flow down his red red face.
Thomas. Thomas. Thomas!
Ok, we’ll watch Thomas.
Don’t want this Thomas.
Want new Thomas.
I’ll get our hat and coats.
Long walk in the dark snow.
Big smile.
My heart melts.
My son has won,

Sleep is for Wimps

Sleep is for wimps
So the old saying goes
Sleep is not for parents
I do suppose
Sleep is something I would dream of 
If I ever get to sleep
But a three year-old
A cuddly toy
Two trains and a bus
In the bed
Does not a comfy night make


the train runs through the countryside
under hill and over vale
the old ancient engine steaming
so many tales to tell
the wheels turn on the iron road
faster and faster and faster
the fields becoming a blur
diesel coming down the tracks
the smell of oil filling the air
for one brief moment
then fresh air
and the sweet sweet smell of steam

Random Thoughts
 of a Father of a Toddler

Red wine on the curtains, red wine on the carpet,
Chocolate stains on the new sofa
A broken foot from walking on broken toys
Smell of a dirty nappy lingering in the air
And the open page of a toys r us catalogue
Items marked in red crayon



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